Politics moves at a breakneck speed. When you want to speak up about an issue you care about, it can be overwhelming to get started – especially if you are new to activism. Stronger NC is committed to providing you with the information and resources you need to take action.

Here are several sites providing weekly calls to action that might be of help to you. We gathered a few we thought were most interesting and suggest you take a look to see which best meets your needs:


Wall-of-Us delivers four concrete actions to take to your email inbox every week. They provide a combination of actions – phone calls to make, events to attend, ways to get more involved, etc. The site is clean, simple and easy to use

Jen Hofmann’s What to Do This Week

Jen’s list is well researched and very thorough in putting context around the actions. The site is no frills – each week’s list is simply a link to a Google doc – but the actions are thoughtful.


Flippable is focused primarily on state races – governorships and legislative bodies. For 2017 their primary focus is on North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey, with plans to expand in 2018. For us North Carolinians, this is a must follow site!

Daily Action

Daily Action is a text based notification sending calls to action directly to your cell phone. For those on the go who prefer this type of communication, this might be the right site for you.

Our Revolution

Our Revolution is an off shoot of the Bernie Sanders campaign and focuses on the issues near and dear to most liberal’s hearts. The site has more than just calls to action by including candidate endorsements and education on key topics.

5 Calls

5 Calls turns passive participation into active resistance. The group provides phone numbers and scripts so calling is quick and easy. In addition, there is location search feature that targets your representatives so your calls have more impact.

Progress NC

Progress NC focuses on local progressive issues important to North Carolina. Every Monday they send out a newsletter with a really good, succinct summary of the key issues you need to be aware of. Make it part of your weekly reading to stay informed.