Are there things you would like to change in your community, your state, or your country?

If so, then you need to VOTE!  Here is everything you need to know to vote absentee (by mail), vote early, or vote on Election Day in North Carolina – including information for people displaced by Hurricane Florence.

Absentee voting (or Vote by Mail):

No excuse needed! Any registered North Carolina voter may request an absentee ballot by mail by completing the Absentee Ballot Request Form here and returning it to your county board of elections for receipt before October 30 – the earlier the better!  The NC State Board of Elections has a whole page explaining how to vote absentee.

College Students may register and vote where they attend college if they plan on staying there indefinitely. OR they may register and vote in their home district by requesting an absentee ballot.

Early Voting:

At “one-stop” Early Voting you can register and vote at the same time.  Early Voting starts Wed., Oct. 17, and ends on Saturday, Nov. 3.

You can look up the Early Voting locations in your county on the NCSBE website

Handy Wake County Early Voting Guide to locations and hours.

Election Day Voting:

To vote on election day, register to vote or update your current voter registration before Oct. 12.

You must PRINT OUT the form, sign it with ink, and get the paper form to your county board of elections for receipt before Oct. 12 to vote on Election Day.

NC Voter Registration form:

Your polling place may have changed.

Find your polling place and a sample ballot using the NCSBE’s “Voter Lookup” tool on the NC State Board of Elections website:

Non-Partisan Voter Guides:

You may also find your polling place and non-partisan information on the candidates that will be on your ballot at  from the League of Women Voters.

Find a County by County or Congressional District Voter Guide from Democracy NC.

The official State Board of Elections Judicial Voter Guide and Constitutional Amendment explainer. has nonpartisan information about what will be on your ballot in North Carolina this year, and explanations of the roles of different elected officials:

For Hurricane Florence Survivors:

(H/T  Southern Coalition for Social Justice)

People who have been displaced by Hurricane Florence who have temporarily left their homes and intend to eventually return to the address where they are registered to vote can vote by absentee ballot mailed to their temporary address.

Voters who have temporarily left their homes and intend to eventually return to the address where they are registered to vote can also vote during Early Voting or on Election day in their home county (provided that they have safe access to the polling place and that the polling place has not been damaged).

Voters whose homes have been seriously or permanently damaged, are unsure as to whether they will ever be able to return, and intend to remain indefinitely at their current location have the right to register to vote at their new place of residence.

For more information, visit the Southern Coalition for Social Justice’s information page:  , or call them at 919-321-1848.

Note → If you have problems voting, call the “Voter Hotline” at 888-OUR-VOTE (888-687-8683) or 866-OUR-VOTE.

Make a note of important NC dates:

  • Oct 12-  last day to register to vote on Election Day
  • Oct 17 – early voting starts in NC
  • Oct 30 – absentee ballot request deadline
  • Nov 3 – early voting ends
  • Nov 6 –  Election Day!

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