This month as Stronger NC focuses on ways to best support our veterans when they return from their military service, we are happy to present our Veterans Focus Toolkit.

Veterans Focus Toolkit

With five military bases, a military ocean terminal, a US Coast Guard base, and over 100 National Guard facilities, North Carolina is home to many veterans across all branches of service. While these veterans serve honorably, build critical skills sets and contribute so much to society, they also face some unique challenges as they make the transition from active military to civilian life.

In this toolkit, we examine those challenges so you can be better educated on the issues these men and women face. With greater understanding, we can provide support, lend a helping hand, and most importantly, express our profound appreciation for their service.

Don’t forget, on Tuesday, Nov 14, we will have the next installment of “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” on Facebook Live. We’ll be talking to Retired Air Force Sergeant Gerald Givens about transitioning from the military, what it means to serve, and ways in which we can help support our vets as they settle into a new life beyond the military.