With our country in constant crisis, it can be difficult and overwhelming to maintain a consistent focus on the many important issues fighting for our attention. For the last few months, Stronger NC has decided to take activism under our control by focusing each month on key issues we believe are important to all North Carolinians.  Democracy only works when voters are informed and empowered, so in order for that to happen we hope to provide the information you need.

For October, we are digging deep into voting rights. The foundation of our democracy is constantly under threat as the NC GOP looks to restrict voting in a variety of subtle – and not so subtle – ways to harm North Carolinians. In addition to weekly calls to action, “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” FB Live series will be on VOTING, and we will be discussing why local elections matter in creating an economy that works for everyone, with Matt Calabria, Wake Co. Commissioner. Tune in to the Stronger North Carolina Facebook page on Oct 3 at 7:30pm and join the conversation with comments and questions of your own!

The most important thing you can do this month is to VOTE in your municipal elections. Starting on October 10, municipal elections are taking place across Wake County and other parts of the state. Our friends at Politica NC have pulled together some great information about the candidates. Give it a read:


Who is Running in the Municipal and Mayoral races and  How to get more Information about Them
All municipal races are unaffiliated although the Democrats and Republicans have selected their preferred candidates.
Democratic slate: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/571e92533c44d8e753ec887d/t/59b6e6b049fc2b50d0a4a70d/1505158832523/2017+Slate+Card+October+10+Candidates+FRONT+%281%29.pdf
Republican slate:  http://www.wakegop.org/candidates/
Mayoral Candidates:
Nancy McFarlane. Incumbent mayor, independent, running for her fourth term http://nancymcfarlane.com/
Charles Francis. Local attorney and banker, Democrat, challenger.  https://www.francisforraleigh.com/
Paul Fitts. Local banker, Republican. No website.
Raleigh City at-large. You may vote for two.
Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi, Democrat.https://sheliakhashoggicampaign.org/
Robert Axtell, Unaff, https://rob4raleigh.com/
Zanaib Baloch, Democrat, http://www.votebaloch.com
Stacy Miller, Unaff,  https://stacymillernc.com/
Russ Stephenson, Democrat, incumbent, http://www.russforraleigh.com/
Nicole Stewart, Democrat, https://www.nicoleforraleigh.com/
Robert E Ward, Republican, no public website.
District A
Alex Moore, no public website.
Dickie Thompson, incumbent, https://www.facebook.com/DickieforRaleigh/
District B
David Cox, Democrat, http://dcoxforcouncil.com/
John Odom, Republican, http://odomforwake.com/
District C
James Bledsoe,http://www.electjamesbledsoe.com/
Corey Branch, Democrat, incumbent, http://www.coreybranch.com/
Crash Gregg, http://crash4raleigh.com/
Jeff Stewart, no public website.
Olen Watson, http://www.electolenwatson.org/
District D
Kay Crowder, Democrat, http://www.crowderforcouncil.com/
BJ Plott, no public website.
District E
Bonner Gaylord, incumbent, http://www.bonnergaylord.com/
Stef Mendell, Democrat, http://www.stefmendellforcouncil.com/
Derek Walker, no public website
If you are interested in a candidate who does not show a website, you should try searching for them on Facebook or the internet.

Guidance from local media

Here are background details on all those running, from the News and Observer: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/counties/wake-county/article162981323.html

Some more information about the at-large candidates. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/counties/wake-county/article173982311.html

Indy Week recommendations: https://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/vote-dammit-the-indys-2017-endorsements-for-the-raleigh-durham-and-cary-municipal-elections/Content?oid=8170623