This month we had a fascinating conversation during our Facebook Live video series, “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”. Guest host, Kathryn Gavaghan, interviewed Rachel Estes from the NC Conservation Network to discuss environmental issues and opportunities facing North Carolina.

North Carolina has had a pretty progressive history in the South in terms of environmental policy and leadership. Unfortunately, these issues fade from public focus. A public health crisis occurs, which leads to action. Over time, people get accustomed to the new standards and policies and can become complacent thinking about how the environment affects them – until the next crisis hits.

The reality is, as Rachel says in the video, the environment is a “public good that everyone consumes”. We all breathe the air, drink the water and eat food from the land, so it’s important to pay attention to these issues.

Watch the video below to see the full conversation. Kathryn and Rachel cover many of the environmental issues currently facing North Carolina – Gen X, hog waste leaks, coal ash spills and clean up. As always, you can get more details and information in our toolkits here.