This month we have a twist on This Is What Democracy Looks Like. Instead of Live Facebook video event, we have recorded a podcast with Andrew Dunn from Longleaf Politics. Stronger NC’s Cristel Orrand and Andrew discuss the six Constitutional Amendments that will appear on the November ballot in North Carolina.

Cristel and Andrew emphasize a very important point about the amendments – most voters don’t really understand what they are all about. A recent survey from Elon University, shows that only 8% of voters know a lot about the amendments. Considering the intentionally vague wording of some of the amendments, that is more than concerning.

Andrew’s advice is to start researching now. There are nuances that require a lot of background knowledge to really understand what would change if some of these were to pass. With the large number appearing on the ballot, this year is not the year to just skim over that section while you are in the voting booth. There could be a real impact to your rights and a radical change to the structure and separation of power in our state government indefinitely.

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