For decades “coal ash” (waste left after coal is burned to produce electricity) has been stored in dozens of unlined pits across out state. Clear evidence shows that these pits are leaking into surface and groundwater. Current and future drinking water supplies are “consistently and lastingly contaminated” by toxic heavy metals in this ash.

Heavy pressure from industry groups and individual utilities like Duke Energy has delayed meaningful, common sense strategies for managing this waste. Not until 2015 did the EPA establish regulations on the management of coal ash.

Trump’s EPA is attempting to undo these important safeguards.

How can we stop this administration from further threatening our health and vital water resources?

Citizen action is the answer!

Please take FIVE minutes to send your comments to the EPA by the April 30, 2018 deadline.

Click here to comment directly to the EPA.

Tips on Commenting

Include your name and residence if you want, but this is not required.

Refer to the Coal Combustion Residuals Rule (CCR Rule) and explain that you are opposed to EPA weakening this rule.

Emphasize EPA’s mission, and its obligation to maintain standards that are protective of human health and the environment.

Oppose EPA’s proposal that utilities set their own standards and monitor their own waste management practices.