We stand firmly against the Tax Scam passed at 1:50am December 2, 2017 because of the process in which it was passed, the content and overall principle. It is fundamentally wrong to bow to special interests along partisan lines, and will add at least a trillion dollars to the national deficit after accounting for short-term gains. People of all parties should be appalled at the fiscal irresponsibility.

We disagree with the manner in which this bill was written and passed.

The last time a tax bill of this magnitude was undertaken was in 1986, where over 300 expert and independent testimonies were heard for months in committee before being released to the House floor. No such testimony or hearings occurred here. Once the bill quickly passed the House, the Senate bill was rammed through in a “reconciliation” tactic that allowed for a simple majority vote instead of the usual 60+ votes, to include hundreds of pages and hand-written amendments no one was able to read in the few hours notice given.

We disagree with the content of the bill.

At a time when income inequality is so high, increasing taxes on lower and middle income families while decreasing taxes on those who make over $400k and corporations is unconscionable. This bill’s passage has endangered the poor, minorities, the sick and disabled, students, wildlife sanctuaries, and so on. In other words, the 99%. Repealing medical, local, state and other personal deductions, while allowing deductions for property owners is symptomatic of a deep and systematic discrimination that’s existed since the beginnings of our nation, but has dramatically accelerated.

We disagree with the principle of the bill.

Over the last nearly 40 years, the top 1%’s income has increased at over 10x the rate as the bottom 99%. We have countless examples that “Trickle Down Economics” does not, nor has it ever, worked. While we acknowledge some short-term benefits to some middle class families, these are small, temporary and still result in over 2x net loss over the next ten years. We firmly, morally and fundamentally reject any bill that increases taxes on the poor or deprives our citizens of basic necessities, to line the coffers of the wealthiest individuals and corporations. The execution of this bill demonstrates the weakening of the separation of powers our democracy relies upon.

What we’re going to do about it:

  1. Gather to show solidarity for all those disaffected by this morally bankrupt bill. Protest the GOP Tax Scam today in Durham.
  2. Identify moderate representatives from the reconciliation committee and personally appeal to each to correct the deficiencies, or terminate the further passage of the bill.
  3. Because it is now obvious that our Congress is representing their donors and not the people, we will work directly and indirectly with those donors to reapply pressure to repeal.
  4. Actively and vigorously support any corporation taking measures to use their new gains for the benefit of their employees and communities; any and all candidates who disavow this bill, and raise funds and support for conferences, academics, innovators, activists, et al, committed to finding alternatives to this cycle of inequality.

Our faith in our democratic institution has been much maligned in recent days, weeks and months. We fear for the American dream and for Americans themselves. We beseech you to work for positive change, inclusion of all people, a more level playing field for the pursuit of liberty and happiness, and fair and just elections to ensure we do not have taxation without representation.