The State Board of Education has been asked to approve 12 new charter schools in NC, 3 of which would be in Northeast Wake County and directly and negatively impact our traditional public schools. Many of our lower grade public schools are under-enrolled now, and at risk of losing critical services and staff should these charters be approved.

Northeast Wake County is already heavily saturated with charter schools, and none of the current or proposed new charters serve economically disadvantaged students at the same rate as our existing public schools. This is creating socioeconomic and racial segregation which is harmful to all students and will only get worse if this trend continues. 

Please read this update for detail on the pending charter schools and impacts to our area. For more information on these negative impacts please read this recent article from CBS News on the rise of school segregation nationally.

Please email the State Board of Education before their vote on June 5th to let them know that our public schools and students will be negatively impacted through less funding, fewer counselors and other staff resources, increased segregation, and decreased diversity if they vote to approve any additional charter schools in Northeast Wake County in particular. With under-enrolled elementary schools it is just not necessary or prudent to place this extra burden on our community. 

Please email the members of the State Board of Education using this contact list, and share this information with others in your networks.