The Tyler Clementi Foundation’s mission is to end online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces and faith communities.

In 2010, Tyler committed suicide as a freshman at Rutgers University after being a victim of cyber-harassment on the internet. Tyler’s death became a global news story, highlighting the impact and consequences of bullying while sparking dialogue amongst parents, teachers, and students across the country. The story also linked to broader issues impacting youth and families such as LGBT inequality, safety in schools, youth in crisis, higher education support systems, and cyberbullying.

As part of the organization’s outreach efforts, they have created an anti-bullying campaign, #Day1.

#Day1 Works by….

  • Having a respected person in authority at the school reciting a declaration in front of the students, which clearly states behavior expectations and responsibilities
  • The students then participate with a verbal confirmation of understanding, and sign a pledge to be an Upstander.
  • Throughout the year there are opportunities to re-visit the pledge and commitment with posters and campaigns being developed now.

It’s simple, and can be applied in any number of ways, either at a school wide rally, in homeroom classes, or even by coaches at the start of each sports season. Some schools have created social media campaigns around the pledge and had various clubs and teams video their own way of committing to it.

If you want to foster an ongoing conversation about bullying in our schools, then please call your principal or favorite teacher and/or contact your school board and ask them to sign on to the #Day1 pledge. Send them to this link and ask them to consider reading the declaration in their class and having their students sign the pledge. The goal is to start in kindergarten and have the pledge signed each year by every student so that the message is reinforced over time.

Durham County Schools have just adopted the program – let’s see if we can spread it across all of NC. It’s free, it’s easy and it works!

Download the Free Toolkit Now and be an Upstander in your community!