Donald Trump’s campaign and subsequent executive orders have emboldened racists across the country. Hate directed at African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims has been a disquieting undercurrent of Trump’s appeal. The Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia NC (MERI), is a network which stands and acts together against all forms of Islamophobia and racism, and understands that this hatred must be confronted head on.

MERI is a network of North Carolina organizations with a mission to end racism and Islamophobia by building a movement that challenges all forms of oppression. It views both Islamophobia and racism within a framework that sees how discrimination based on race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion are part of multiple, interlocking forms of oppression that reinforce and sustain one another.

MERI challenges individual acts of hatred, including anti-Black racism that gives legitimacy to racial profiling, police violence, the prison industrial complex, and other forms of institutional oppression against Black and Brown people. Its work includes organizing workshops and teach-ins to educate on Islamophobia and anti-racism, cultural transformation, challenging local cases of Islamophobia, and mobilizing grassroots campaigns against the people and institutions who are spreading this hatred.

In 2016 MERI members participated in 12 protests and demonstrations in North Carolina. In addition its member facilitated 30 presentations and 11 workshops on Islamophobia and published 23 articles and op-eds.

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