The Triangle is a diverse area, with people of different nationalities and faiths living together. As Raleigh continues to grow, it’s important for members of the community to find spaces where they can connect with those who share their beliefs. The Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) serves as an outlet for Triangle Muslims to connect with their fellow American Muslims.

The IAR provides a variety of services for the local Muslim community, including burial services at their Zebulon cemetery, food pantry services, refugee support services, on-site food and catering services through their Al-Ma’idah Kitchen, marriage services, and an Islamic library. In addition, the association provides education that ranges from weekly Sunday school classes to full time Islamic schooling.

The IAR also provides sports programs, social events and camps for local youths, while the Older Adult Program provides resources and services for seniors in the community.

Muslims 16 years old and older can apply to become members through the following link

The IAR Volunteer Committee also continuously seeks volunteers to improve the services of the IAR – to learn more visit