Alerta Migratoria is a Durham based organization helping undocumented immigrants seek asylum in the United States.

The organization is seeing first hand how US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is detaining and deporting those seeking asylum from the gang violence that plagues their homes throughout Central America. Minors are arrested at school, many times crossing state borders with no word sent to their families about their whereabouts or detainment.  Many families have inconsistent US citizenship statuses, and pending deportation orders send fathers and mothers right back into the violence of their home countries.

Largely, this is a human rights issue, concerning both the dangers of returning home to countries like El Salvador or Honduras, as well as the mental abuse and grief with which ICE greets asylum seekers.


How can you help?

Letters of Support:

Sign a Petition:  Eliseo Jimenez is currently in sanctuary at Umstead Park United Church of Christ. Since fleeing for his life to the U.S. more than two decades ago, Mr. Jimenez has created a productive life in NC. Presently, Mr. Jimenez is the primary breadwinner of his family, including four children who are all US citizens.  Shortly after being pulled over and arrested for driving without a license, authorities forced Mr. Jimenez to take a stipulated order of removal. He was deprived of access to legal counsel or the right to hear his case before a judge. Therefore, he never had the opportunity to exhaust all legal options to fight his deportation. In addition to tearing him away from his dependent family, Mr. Jimenez faces grave threats if deported to Mexico. Mr. Jimenez’s family and supporters request that ICE stay his deportation, and continue granting him deferrals until the government creates a way for him to obtain legal status.

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