Help Stop the Confirmation of Thomas Farr as a Federal District Court Judge in NC

On January 18th, 2018 Thomas Farr was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee as a nominee for a lifetime appointment as a Federal District Court Judge in Eastern NC. This position has been vacant since 2005, and Senator Burr has already blocked two highly qualified black women for the post.

Much has been written about Farr’s past, including his legal defense of NCGOP voter suppression tactics, his association with the Pioneer Fund (a racist hate group founded in 1937), his intricate relationship with Jesse Helms’ racially tinged campaign in the 1980s and more.

Now only 51 votes are needed by the Senate to confirm his appointment. We need help from out of state friends and family to contact their Senators and urge them to review Farr’s background and oppose his confirmation before voting along party lines.

Thomas Farr’s voter suppression activities are well documented.

  • He helped the NCGOP led state legislature sort the data used to design the discriminatory voting law which was struck down by the courts for targeting African Americans with ‘surgical precision”.
  • He also advised the NCGOP on the creation of North Carolina’s 2011 electoral district maps –  which were later overturned by the United States Supreme Court for racial gerrymandering.
  • Farr was also a protégé and counsel for the segregationist Jesse Helms, and he participated in racist tactics to intimidate African-American voters.

For a list of resources and a more detailed explanation of why he is undeserving of this appointment read this Open Letter From NC, by Aylett Colston.

Call To Action:

Share this with out of state friends and family, and urge them to call their state Senators (via the Capitol line at 202-226-8000 ext. 4). You should also call Senator John Kennedy, R-LA, and urge him to dig deep into Farr’s racist and controversial past and oppose his confirmation for a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of NC.

Background on Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA, a longstanding member of the Democratic party now the junior Republican Senator from LA making waves as he opposes 3 of Trump’s latest judicial nominees

Senator John Kennedy – Phone: (202) 224-4623; Mail: SR 383, Russell Senate Building Washington, DC 20510

Sample script to use or modify (courtesy of RiseNC):

Hi. I’m a constituent calling from ____ to urge Senator _____ to oppose the nomination of Thomas Farr to a lifetime appointment to the United States District Court. Mr. Farr has a history of opposing workers, civil and voting rights. Specifically, he has advised on legislation that would intimidate and disenfranchise black voters and has even helped sort the data for North Carolina’s voter suppression law, which was struck down by the courts. He was also involved in designing the 2011 electoral maps that were rejected by the Supreme Court because of racial gerrymandering. I want Senator ______________ to oppose the nomination of Thomas Farr to the federal bench. Thank you.


Senators Tillis and Burr have already voiced their deep support for Thomas Farr but it never hurts to let them know you oppose his nomination. Burr has a long history of blocking prior, well-qualified, nominees in this district for this very moment.

  • Senator Tillis: 202-224-6342
  • Senator Burr: 202-224-3154
  • Text “Resist” to 50409 and send a personalized message to your representatives
  • Have your letter hand delivered to Senators Burr and Tillis by and
  • Save your comments and submit them as a letter to the editor of your local paper


If we lose the independence of our judicial system we have surely lost hope. Please share!

Here are a few significant stories on Thomas Farr, and why he is not qualified to be a judge for life in the Eastern District of North Carolina. Read through them and make your calls opposing his re-nomination:

Dec. 22nd News & Observer article on Farr and building the case against his 2018 confirmation.

Bishop Barber speaks about Farr’s racist leanings (video)

Joy Reid and Ari Berman discuss Farr and voter suppression history in NC (video)

In depth reporting by the Southern Poverty Law Center on Farr’s connections to the right wing racist Pioneer Fund

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