This week, Indivisible groups across North Carolina are calling for Republicans in Congress to thoroughly and completely investigate Russian ties to the Republican administration.

The situation is escalating as members of Congress – including North Carolina’s own Senator Burr – are being asked to downplay the Russian connection with the media. This presents a huge conflict of interest given the fact that Burr is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, one of the organizations investigating Russian ties and involvement in the US election.

Burr’s admission is alarming. He has disqualified himself as a fair and trustworthy investigator into the matter of the Trump campaign’s possible coordination with the Russian government.”

Ned Barnett, The News and Observer

Bipartisan calls for a special prosecutor are growing as well. Rep Darrell Issa (R, CA), one of the most conservative and outspoken voices in the House, confirmed to Bill Maher he believes the situation requires a special prosecutor, and Attorney General Sessions must recuse himself from being involved.

Russian Ties to Trump, Calls to Action

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Russian Ties to Trump POTUS

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Russian Ties to Trump POTUS

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