The legislature will be coming back for a special session on October 4, to deal with redistricting issues. While we do not expect them to take any action with regard to the class size mandate, this is nevertheless a good opportunity to let our representatives know that we have not forgotten about it. The non-partisan group, Save Our Schools, is pulling together daily action items this week to prepare for the NCGA’s return.


Please send an email to your representatives telling them how (if at all) the class size mandate is affecting your kids’ education and asking what they plan to do about it. Save Our Schools would like to track who is participating in their calls to action, so they are asking everyone to copy them on the emails you send to your reps (

NCGA Contacts

House of Representatives

The Standing House Appropriations Committee for Education:

Chairman Rep. Blackwell
Chairman Rep. Elmore
Chairman Rep. Fraley
Chairman Rep. Horn
Chairman Rep. Hurley
Vice Chairman Rep. Conrad
Members Rep. Ball, Rep. L. Bell, Rep. Brockman, Rep. Corbin, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Gill, Rep. Grange, Rep. Lucas, Rep. Michaux, Rep. Sauls, Rep. Zachary



The Standing Senate Appropriations Committee for Education:

Co-Chairman Sen. Chad Barefoot
Co-Chairman Sen. David L. Curtis
Co-Chairman Sen. Michael V. Lee
Members Sen. Deanna Ballard, Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram, Sen. Jerry W. Tillman, Sen. Joyce Waddell


Sample Email

Hello, I am writing to ask whether and how you plan to help address the NCGA’s class size mandate and the harm it has caused.

School principals have been faced with making staffing cuts due to the budgetary pressures created by the NCGA’s class size restrictions. As a result, teachers and parent volunteers are left to fill an additional class period instead of having specials taught by teachers trained in their specific fields. While these folks are doing their best, there is no doubt that the quality and quantity of the children’s instruction has been diminished. This problem is likely to get worse next year, when even stricter class size restrictions go into effect.

While small class sizes may be an admirable goal, they are not worth the loss of specials or any of the other ill-effects that they are causing in the schools. Therefore, I am asking your help to solve this problem. One way to help is to sign and enact the provisions of the NC Education Pledge that was delivered to your office in June (and may be found at You may also consider sponsoring a bill that would waive the class size requirements for school systems that cannot, despite a good faith effort to do so, comply with the mandate without causing significant harm to the overall quality of their students’ instruction.

I understand that the NCGA’s regular session does not start until May 16. However, this is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Therefore, I ask that you spend time during this upcoming special session working on a solution to the class size problem, and that you consider asking your leadership to call another special session to deal specifically with this issue.

Stay Tuned

We’ll be adding more calls to action from Save Our Schools as the week progresses. Check back each day to see what else you can do to support this very important issue.