In a functioning democracy, elections should represent the will of the people. When politicians draw their own maps without oversight or clear rules, they can manipulate the system to keep themselves in power at our expense. We need to keep this story focused on what is best for us, the voters.

The impact of unfair maps affects us all. These are the same politicians who make critical national and statewide policy decisions, concerning everything from environmental protections to public education funding to Medicaid expansion to common sense gun reform to elections and voting laws. They determine judicial and criminal justice policies, tax rates, infrastructure investment, corporate regulations and penalties, and more. Judicial districts and school board districts aren’t immune to gerrymandering either. Almost every facet of your life in NC is touched by our elected officials, so shouldn’t we be the ones choosing who we want to represent us?

Read through our latest toolkit on redistricting, and learn how you can take steps to help end gerrymandering in NC.