After the election, many us discovered a new found passion to actively participate in the political process. All of a sudden it became critically important to ensure issues important to us, including the most vulnerable in our society, would bring our state and country forward in a positive and peaceful way.

Attached you will find a resource document compiled by one of our members to help others to:

  • Become a more effective and diplomatic protester;
  • Offer at-a-glance critical contact info for elected representatives;
  • A list of like-minded groups to join for support;
  • Media outlets to follow on Twitter; and more.

We hope this document helps you kickstart you activism in 2017. Together we can overcome the political divide and build an America that’s hopeful, inclusive, and kind hearted towards each other.

If you find this useful, please feel free to share with others.

Positive Activism_v2