A new “Voter ID” constitutional amendment has been filed at the NCGA, House Bill 1092, to replace the 2013 voter-restriction law that was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional because it was enacted with “discriminatory intent” to target minority voters with “almost surgical precision”.

There is no outline of what this proposed law would look like, since the ballot would just provide a “For” or “Against” option. A vote “For” would give this legislature free reign to write whatever restrictions they wanted into law before the newly elected Assembly is seated in January. Remember the #CarolinaCoup in December 2016?

Voter fraud is a false narrative used to frame this issue and ignore the actual fact that thousands of people in NC would have their voting rights restricted.

When politicians manipulate the machinery of elections to entrench their own political power, we lose our ability to make the changes we want to see in the world – whether it’s in education, healthcare, the environment, criminal justice, or any issue that is important to you.

We are not fooled. We see this for what it is.

If VoterID passes and the NCGOP is able to suppress additional voters, this will be tied up in the courts again long after 2020. (It took 3 years to overturn the 2013 law.) NC has 15 electoral votes, and 13 congressional seats – and after the next census in 2020 we will likely have more congressional seats. If North Carolina does not have fair elections in 2020 – guess who will get to draw the congressional lines for the next decade? Guess who will be more likely to be president in 2020 if women, young people, Black people, and Latinix are less able to vote in 2020?

They need 3/5 of each chamber to pass this ballot request. Call both your NC House Representative and your NC State Senator and ask them to vote NO on HB1092 to stop it before it hits the ballot.

In case you missed the Rally, you can watch the video here: