Freedom is a common theme in songs and poems about America: we fight for it, defend it and cherish it. But what does “freedom” really mean?  Freedom is having the power to exercise choice and make decisions, including having fair representation in the policies and laws that affect your daily life. 

We exercise freedom in our American system of government through voting. All eligible Americans should be able to easily register to vote, have the opportunity to cast a ballot that will be accurately counted, and have their vote contribute equally in the election process. The right to vote is a patriotic value, not a partisan issue.

Use this toolkit to learn about fair elections, the new forms of voter suppression in North Carolina, and ways to improve and upgrade our voting system in order to maintain election integrity and ensure a fair and equitable election process. Be on the look-out for calls to action, recommended readings, films, and organizations to follow so that you can act as a fair elections advocate and informed voter in your community.