In Washington DC and across the globe those who view women’s rights as human rights are marching this Saturday to make their voice heard.

“I have a mother/girlfriend/wife/friend” was a familiar line trotted out by politicians and social commentators during the election cycle to show support for women, as if men somehow needed to have a close connection to a woman in order to be able support women.

If that line of thinking brings men to the march I’ll begrudgingly accept it, however I’ll be marching this Saturday with my wife to show my support for her, but mainly because I believe in the marches’ principles.

If you are like me and believe that violence against women is unacceptable, then march.

If you cringe when politicians talk about defunding groups that provide healthcare and birth control, then march.

If you’re seen the backlash to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and marriage equality in the form of bathroom bills and religious freedom laws and are disgusted, then march.

If you believe that women should be paid equally, then march.

If you’ve been a victim of racism, can understand why Black Lives Matter, or have witnessed the not-so-cloaked racism towards President Obama, then march.

If you believe that respect and inclusion of the disabled isn’t too much to ask, then march.

If you believe that immigration makes us stronger, not weaker, then march.

If you don’t think that protecting the environment should be a partisan issue, then march.

If you stay home just because the march isn’t called The Men’s March, then you probably have bigger issues to address. Add your voice to the chorus that says, “This is not acceptable” and join me and millions of others across the globe this Saturday.