This weekend thousands of students, parents and educators will be coming together for March for Our Lives. The slogans #EnoughIsEnough and #NeverAgain highlight the fear and frustration many of us feel as we watch these mass shootings happen over and over again.

The issue of gun reform is not easily resolved, just like healthcare reform, immigration reform, or any other topic that affects all of us yet shines a light on how deep fundamental beliefs will cause a block in open discussion and an unwillingness to think beyond our own personal opinions.

But lost opportunities come with a price, usually tinged with regret. We have a chance right now to show the world and our children that we can work together for their benefit. We cannot let this moment in our nation’s reckoning with gun violence become yet another chapter in the pages of history books describing this as another lost cause.

We’ve taken a step outside of our regular monthly focus and have put together a “mini toolkit” to help with discussions that need to be had with our lawmakers ahead of and after this weekend’s marches.

In this toolkit, we’ve put together resources to:

  • Help you understand the current gun laws in North Carolina,
  • Provide opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard,
  • Offer suggestions on what common sense gun safety reform can look like.


Determine what makes sense to you, and then reach out to elected officials who need to hear from us.

You can find the complete toolkit here: