As we begin a new legislative session and look ahead to the 2020 elections, it’s important to stay focused on the issues that impact our state the most, from medicaid expansion to education funding, from environmental accountability to equal rights and more. With that in mind, we are excited to present our 2019-2020 Legislative Action List.

Stronger NC has compiled a Top 10 Action List to serve as a touchstone and goal post. These include areas we’ve worked on since 2017, creating toolkits, websites, live-streamed interviews, and strong networks of citizens and experts. We’ve worked with coalition partners, our online community, and grassroots activists across the state to collate the top list. This year, we will continue to spotlight these issues, but grassroots and advocacy groups cannot create change alone.

As the 2019 NCGA session kicks off, we’re asking our newly elected and returning representatives to join us by taking legislative action on these issues. News outlets will conduct their own polls, parties will develop their own platforms, and groups will continue to advocate for their causes, but it is our hope that by presenting a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) Top 10 List, we can paint a fuller picture of what is impacting North Carolinians. As you’ll see over the coming year with the Budget and the Census in particular, these issues are truly intersectional, and will take collective action to effect meaningful change.

Over the coming months, we’ll structure the civic engagement information we produce around these issues with calls to action, blog posts and legislative updates. Finally, we’d like to issue an open and ongoing invitation to everyone to share your ideas, research, expertise and passion with us to answer the question “how can we make NC stronger for all who call it home?”



Fair Elections

Health Care

LGBTQ Rights

Women’s Rights

Gun Law Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Cash Bail Reform
  • Racial and Economic inequality in sentencing, increase public defenders, address school to prison pipeline
  • Stand Up For Rape Victims; establish protocol for examining kits, training to law enforcement and funding to prevent future backlogs
  • Links: The Economy of Criminal Justice


Equal Access

  • Rural Broadband
  • Public transportation for jobs, healthcare, education
  • Affordable Housing for disadvantaged groups including seniors, the differently abled, minorities, and veterans
  • Links: Asks for Equal Access