Whether you still make New Year Resolutions or have a Word of the Year to guide you, there is plenty of opportunity to find a way to effect positive change in NC throughout 2019. 

With the end of the 6 year reign of the Republican supermajority, this is the year to bring balance back to legislative decisions which will affect North Carolinians across the state. 

Unlike last year which saw budget decisions made behind closed doors with no debate or discussion, this year we will have a better opportunity to provide input that our representatives should use to guide their votes. Now that Governor Cooper has his veto power back we have achieved the first step towards a functioning democracy.

For a look ahead at what to expect from the 2019 General Assembly, here’s a good piece from Kirk Ross at Carolina Public Press. We will continue to advocate for Medicaid expansion which saw progress in several other conservative states in 2018, as well as equitable public education funding and environmental legislation which puts people and our natural resources first. Gerrymandering will also be front and center in 2019, with news from SCOTUS expected this Friday on whether they will take on NC’s case for fair Congressional districts. 

We hope you will continue to join us as we look to share insights and explanations of important actions from our elected officials, and participate in this ongoing experiment we call democracy.