Stronger NC has put together this Investigate Russian Ties Toolkit to equip you in dealing with an old threat that has become new again, one that should have you on red alert, one that should rattle the Republican apparatchik, one that should make you put down the vodka and loudly exclaim Nyet! – we are of course referring to Trump’s Russian ties (not to be confused with the neckties that your racist uncle wears, those are made in China).

President Reagan once referred to the Soviet Union as an evil empire and categorized the struggle against them as one between good and evil. He famously implored the leader of the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall. Today, President Trump regularly praises Russian President Vladimir Putin and frequently obfuscates his relationship with Russia. He famously implored Putin to hack Hillary’s email.

The irony is thick, but this shouldn’t take away from the very serious allegations. Trump and his allies’ ties to Russia are the single most important national issue right now. This goes beyond Trump’s noxious flattery of Putin and tawdry bathroom humor involving prostitutes and urination – this involves misbehavior at the highest level, and it hints of treason. Of the issues and scandals that we know of, Trump’s Russian ties are the most damning, and the one most likely to bring down his presidency.

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