Ever since the 2016 Presidential Election, immigration has been at the forefront of our national dialog. Unfortunately, this conversation has focused on a wave of vilification not seen since World War 2. Muslims, Latinx and any other group easy to categorize as “other” have been unfairly targeted with policy, derogatory language and hate crimes running rampant across the country.

To better understand the issues at hand and identify ways we can all help, Stronger NC is focusing on Immigration for the month of March. From looking at the history of immigration in the United States (after all we ARE a country of immigrants) to an overview of immigration opportunities, we want to provide you with the background information you need when calling your representatives to advocate on this issue. We’ll also be talking about Dreamers ahead of the March 8 DACA deadline, as well as exploring the myths that surround the topic of immigration so rampantly these days.

On March 13, we’ll also be hosting immigration lawyer Gigi Gardner on this month’s “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” to talk about the process of immigrating to America and the issues faced by those making the journey.

If you are anxious to get started, Jen Hofmann’s Americans of Conscience weekly newsletter has a few immigration calls to action to help you hit the ground running.

Action: Help reunite dads with their kids. ASAP.

When 4 Salvadoran dads presented themselves at the US border for asylum, they were within their legal rights to seek our protection. Instead, ICE and CPB took away their children and held them in indefinite detention. Now, three of baby Mateo’s dad-friends are eligible for humanitarian release…but with sky-high bond. We can do this.

Donate. All of us giving a few dollars together will reunite these families.

Visit: Fundraiser by our allies, Al Otro Lado and Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Action: Advocate for the release of 2-year ICE detainee on hunger strike.

Sign petition: Visit site (and unsub from future emails).

Call or email: Using these instructions.

Action: Advocate for accountability in ICE abuses of power.

Write: The local office of your 2 senators and 1 House rep (look up).

Script: I’m concerned about ICE enforcement practices. ICE agents are endangering citizens rights. Some immigrants face grave dangers abroad and are legally allowed to seek asylum here. Agents are using racial profiling, entering homes without permission, stalking people at schools and courthousestargeting activists, conducting workplace raids,detaining people indefinitely at taxpayer expense, deporting non-violent people in record numbers, and violating basic constitutional rights. Worse, ICE is destroying records that track abuses and detainee deaths. This cannot stand. For the good of our community, what are you doing to demand DHS accountability for ICE’s abuse of power and offer compassionate protection to asylum seekers? Name, address

Bonus: Write the above to Kirstjen Neilsen, Secretary of Homeland Security. Email: DHSExecSec@hq.dhs.gov

This could not be a more timely topic and one that could save lives and keep families together. Please join us in the discussion!