For those across our state who were fortunate enough to escape the worst of Hurricane Florence’s wrath, you may be looking for ways to help those who were hit hard by this storm. Sadly, more is still to come as flood waters rise in areas already saturated beyond belief. We have put together some ideas and suggestions for how you can help. This post will be updated as more information is received.

Volunteer and Donation Options:

  • [Update #7] Book Harvest is helping to replenish books to families, schools, and organizations in need. Visit their website or contact Program Director Rachel Stine directly:
  • [Update #6] Operation Airdrop has delivered its last set of supplies. Please consider the other resources we have listed below if you are still looking for ways to help.
  • [Update #5]: Operation Airdrop is dropping supplies into Southeastern NC, in particular the areas that are still difficult to reach by road. Details on the group’s needs are being updated on their Facebook page:
  • [Update #4]: A few updates tonight –
  • [Update #3]: If you have time today (Monday, Sept 17), Peak Lab Rescue is coordinating the arrival of animals being rescued from Eastern NC at the NC State Fairgrounds. Updates on supplies need and a link for volunteer sign ups can be found on the Facebook page set up for this activity:
  • [Update #2]: From the Another Gulf is possible link below, here is a list of urgently needed donations.
      *hand sanitizer
      *hygiene wipes
      *canned food or other non-perishable foods
      *tarps/ropes for securing roofs
      *first aid kits
      *pain relievers, antacids, and other over-the-counter medicines
      *bleach and other cleaning supplies
      *resealable plastic bags
      *air mattresses or cots
  • [Update]: The Diaper Bank of North Carolina partners with state emergency services to provide diapers, period products, and adult incontinence supplies to families in need. Here is a list of their needs: 
    • Make a quick and easy monetary donation online:
    • Drop off or mail diapers, wipes, toilet paper, and sanitary pads to our headquarters (1311 East Club Blvd. Durham NC 27704.) or our donation hotspots listed on our website.
    • Volunteer to prepare disaster relief kits of personal hygiene items. Contact us at for ways to help.
    • You can donate items through our Amazon Wishlist:
    • Cary/Apex/Fuquay Pediatricians is also collecting diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper, and infant formula to donate to the Diaper Bank of NC supporting those affected by Hurricane Florence. Drop off supplies at any one of their offices Sept. 17 – Sept. 28.
  • Tweeted by First Lady Kristin Cooper @FloNC :

Do you have special skills or resources you’d like to contribute to relief efforts? Register to volunteer for Hurricane Florence recovery today. @VolunteerNC

  • Donate to the ASPCA which is mobilizing to assist with animal rescues
  • Open your home to evacuees or rescue personnel via Airbnb, offering free shelter through Oct. 1
  • Donate to the NC Emergency Fund managed by United Way by texting FLORENCE to 20222
  • Donate to the Red Cross by texting FLORENCE to 90999
  • Donate to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC:
    • Drop off your donations to FBCENC when they open on Monday (1924 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604) OR send needed items via AmazonPrime or make an online donationPlease only donate/send items shown below!

Another great resource is offered by Another Gulf Is Possible in solidarity, support, and collaboration with a movement family who are in the midst of dealing with this climate disaster including North Carolina Climate Justice Collective, Blueprint NC, Working Films, NC Warn, among others.

Part of their collective statement (found at the link above) includes:

Now as we face yet another unprecedented storm–Hurricane Florence–and work feverishly to make sure that those who are always first and worst impacted are not forsaken, we make clear our one demand: there must be an immediate Just Transition to a clean energy economy that can turn the tides of destruction and source thriving, equitable, earth-honoring, joyfully inclusive communities.  Until we achieve that, the next unnatural storm will always be bearing down on us.”

Information and Resources:

  • Get info on obtaining repairs or reimbursements at, including application center info and work opportunities