At a time when the North Carolina General Assembly seems to be passing bills that actively harm the LGBTQ community, it is more important than ever for individual citizens stand up and show their support. Here are a few ways you can help:

Call your state representative and tell them to support:

  • HB514–Equality for All Act
  • HB515–Full Repeal of HB2
  • HB516–Mental Health Protection Act
  • SB209–Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Read Samantha Allen’s new book, Real Queer America, about finding strong queer communities in red states.

Celebrate PRIDE at events around the state.

Help Equality NC get the signatures they need to help push Congress to pass the Equality Act.

Please Note: Use the Who Represents Me feature on the General Assembly’s website to find out who represents your district. Type in your address, and your district number for the NC House, NC Senate and US House of Representatives will appear. Using the drop down menu, select your district and the site will take you directly to your Representative, Senator or Congressman’s website with all of their contact details.