Generosity Feeds & North East Wake Backpack Buddies: Two Local Opportunities To Help Families With Food Insecurities in North Carolina

On July 22, 2017, there will be a local Generosity Feeds packaging event at the Kerr YMCA in North Raleigh.  All donations and packaged food from this event will be distributed to the North East Wake Backpack Buddies program and Tri-Area Ministries Food Bank in Wake Forest, NC. To participate or donate, Please Register Here.  Kids are welcome!

(There is a StrongerNC Group table set up! Please indicate you are volunteering with a group to be placed at that table.) 

Generosity Feeds  

Generosity Feeds is an organization working to feed hungry children in every county across America by mobilizing communities (businesses, non-profits, churches, schools, and clubs) to package 10,000 or more meals in less than 2 hours to feed local children in need. The meals are distributed through the local school systems, backpack programs or food pantries to children who go hungry outside of school hours.

Schools throughout America send children home on Fridays with a backpack full of food for the weekend. The goal is to increase the quality, while decreasing the cost, of food in these packs so more children can be served. Our food is designed for children with easy preparation. We are presently creating Black Beans and Rice meals. This meal can be used as burrito filling, taco filling, enchilada stuffing, tortilla chip dip, or a delicious bowl of beans and rice. All meals are parent, school principal, and child approved.

A typical food packaging event empowers hundreds of local volunteers to create between 10,000 & 500,000 meals in just a few hours. In general, it takes 2 hours to pack 10,000 meals with 175 – 300 volunteers. This includes the training we provide on food insecurity in America and your community. The ingredients for the meal you are packaging arrive to the host site in bulk a few days prior to the event. At the packaging event, food is funneled into serving size packages, heat sealed, and boxed for distribution.

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By donating or participating in a Generosity Feeds event you will…

  • decrease the food insecurity of hundreds or thousands of children in your community
  • educate your community about hunger in your area
  • mobilize hundreds of volunteers to address poverty issues in your community

You can also learn about hosting or sponsoring a Generosity Feeds event in your area here.

North East Wake Backpack Buddies

North East Wake Backpack Buddies is excited to receive donations of healthy, delicious meals from Generosity Feeds this summer!

North Carolina has one of the highest percentages of food insecurity for children 18 years and younger in the United States. In North Carolina over 1 in 4 children go hungry (26.1%). North East Wake Backpack Buddies aims to lessen that number by providing local hungry children a bag of kid-friendly food for weekend meals and snacks.

Every weekend, children who are identified as “food insecure” by teachers and guidance counselors at local schools are sent home with bags of food. At this point approximately 400 children receive weekly bags from N.E.W. Backpack Buddies.

By providing needed nourishment to hungry children in our region, N.E.W. Backpack Buddies aims to enrich their lives–giving them a greater opportunity for growth, learning and development.

Backpack Buddies was started in 2006, as a youth mission at Rolesville Baptist Church. Jeff Pethel, the youth minister had seen a young child in a convenience store scraping money together to eat a meal. His mission grew quickly due to his compassion and dedication.

In September 2011, North East Wake Backpack Buddies developed into a 501c(3) non-profit organization separate from the church.

Today we serve 18 schools in the North East Wake area. We utilize four sites—Rolesville Baptist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Zebulon United Methodist Church and Radiant Church—which shop, pack and deliver the bags to neighboring elementary and middle schools. Our program also financially supports Heritage High School, Forest Pines Elementary, Knightdale Elementary, Abbotts Creek and Harris Creek schools.

N.E.W. Backpack Buddies relies 100% on volunteers to run our organization. There are no paid staff.  Volunteers make our program successful by packing weekly bags, delivering them to the schools and conducting food drives. Volunteers also meet during the day to help unload a bulk monthly food donation from the Food Bank at our Rolesville location.

N.E.W. Backpack Buddies is funded solely by donations; corporate and individual. Due to having no paid staff and donated food pantry space, 97% of the donations go towards feeding the hungry children in our region.

A typical bag costs $10 and contains: a large canned entrée, two small canned protein meals, a single serving mac and cheese, a single serving ramen noodles, two individual serving cereal boxes, instant oatmeal, protein/granola bar, fruit cup, applesauce, a sweet snack, a salty snack, Lance crackers or individual serving of peanut butter and two items of fresh produce. In addition, 15oz jars of peanut butter are sent home every six weeks.

Aside from our board of directors, N.E.W. Backpack Buddies has a volunteer student board comprised of high school students from across Wake County. They dedicate their time to develop fundraising opportunities, help with packing bag and promoting the program through social media.

How can you help? You can donate your time; help us bag, deliver or unload food; conduct a food drive; or consider making a financial donation.  For more information on our packing schedule, specific food items we need or how to donate visit our website at Volunteer inquires can also be emailed to General inquires can be made to

If you live outside of the North East Wake County area and would like to find or start a Backpack Buddies program near you, feel free to reach out and we will point you in the right direction!