Social Media is a powerful communications tool. Used correctly individuals and organizations have a real opportunity to amplify their message to millions of people around the world. It can also be intimidating to try different apps if you aren’t familiar with them.

Twitter is a ubiquitous part of our culture, and sadly, our president’s only communications strength. If, however, you are not as familiar with Twitter, we’ve put some suggestions together on how to get started.

Twitter 101

If you tweet something, normally the only people who see it are your followers. If you want your tweets to make an impact, you need others to “like” them and “retweet” them. There is definitely a rush of adrenaline that happens when a tweet goes “viral”.

Helpful Tips For Getting Started:

  • If you want a wide audience to see your tweet (like if you’re replying to a Senator or Rep), don’t start with a twitter handle. The person with the Twitter handle will most likely be the only one who sees the tweet (if they look at their notifications). You can start with a word or symbol, such as a “.” before the handle so that everyone who follows you can see it.
  • Your tweet is more effective if it has been retweeted or liked a lot. If you want to tweet the same thing again to get your thoughts some attention, just retweet your own tweet. Don’t make a new one. Seriously, it makes a big difference. Building up the likes and retweets is important, and it won’t happen if you keep generating the same tweets.
  • Twitter isn’t scary, but be warned. If you like to be sassy on twitter, you’ll probably get others being mouthy right back.
  • Trolls: Don’t be afraid. Ignore them or block them. Or if you like to fight, feel free to engage. Just be warned that Twitter may block your account if you’re too sassy (spew hate, bad language).

Stronger NC Twitter

We can maximize the impact we have as a group by sticking together – retweeting (by quote or not) and liking what each other says, especially if you want to get a Senator or Rep. to pay attention to our concerns.

To make that easy, we’ve created a Stronger NC Twitter List on our profile page. Here’s how to find it:

  • Go to Stronger NC’s profile page.
  • Click the gear symbol (phone/tablet) or More (computer)
  • Click View Lists or Lists (different depending on App or device)


Once there, you’ll see three different Stronger NC twitter lists – Stronger NC, Stronger NC Media, Stronger NC Politicians. A little bit about each:

  • Stronger NC: This is a “feed” for everything the members of the Stronger NC Twitter group post.  It’s a great place to go to get a lot of political news in one spot. This makes it easy to retweet and like the tweets from other members. Just click on the Stronger NC twitter list when you get the urge to tweet or see what’s going on so we can support each other in trying to get things straightened out in this world. You can also directly follow anyone on the list by clicking members and tapping on the ones you’re interested in. 
  • Stronger NC Media: This list follows a wide variety of journalists, reporters and media outlets. Mostly traditional media sources, some left leaning, a few right leaning, but most definitely no fake news sites (either left or right). Focus here is on the folks who are doing real, investigative reporting. They are doing good work and definitely worth a follow.
  • Stronger NC Politicians: Pretty self explanatory for this list with a primary focus on NC elected officials. It is not a comprehensive list by any means as there are nearly 200 state legislatures in North Carolina alone.

Keep in mind that these lists do not automatically refresh in your feed. You may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe every so often to get the most recent and complete list in your feed. Just a quirk of Twitter.

Also, if you want to be added to the Stronger NC list, please let us know. If you have any suggestions for media or politicians we should add, let us know that too.