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The best way to make a difference is to get others involved. Many of us found groups of likeminded people after the 2016 Election and discovered our inspiration to be politically proactive for the first time in our lives. Building a collective support network – online or in person – is an important first step.

There are many ways to work with other people. Start by getting your friends involved. For example, you can have letter writing parties or discussion groups to get educated on the issues and that include plans for taking action. It’s always easier to do something with a friend or family member who shares your views, so take advantage of that. Instead of a lunch date, have a volunteer date and help out at a local shelter or phonebank for a local candidate.

It’s also really important to think about ways to expand your circle of conversations. While it’s always nice to speak with people who agree with you, we need to have important conversations in our country right now across all walks, and not everyone will agree. Remember when you talk to your friends about issues, look for both sides and try to find common ground – don’t try to convert them or you may alienate them from yourself AND the issue.

Making sure you have the knowledge and information for these difficult conversations is half the battle. Stonger NC should be your first stop for thoughts and ideas on how to respond to breaking news and current events. You’ll see stories from regular contributors and guest bloggers explaining what it all means and pointing you in the right direction to get involved. Having these talking points in your back pocket can be very helpful for all kinds of conversations.

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