Hit the Streets

Maybe you are more of a people person and want to get right on the front line of activism. Yes, you are happy to make phone calls and send emails, but that’s not enough. You want to feel the camaraderie of people lifting their voices in unison as you march through the streets of Raleigh to the Legislative Building.

Protests and marches can certainly get the adrenaline flowing and lift your mood when there is a tough fight on hand. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in every online protest that you may see. Watch the organizations that have been doing this for a long time and see when they act and when they don’t. The North Carolina NAACP has a long history in fighting for social justice. As you get started, follow their lead as they will be well organized and prepared at every protest they undertake.

On the other hand, maybe protesting really isn’t in your comfort zone and that’s ok. There are still lots of other ways to get involved. Stronger NC is building a calendar of events – from meetings to book clubs to volunteering – to help you find ways to connect with other individuals, many of whom are new to activism just like you. Disenfranchised communities are already struggling throughout North Carolina. In today’s political environment, the stresses and strains on those groups is likely to increase. Check out our Resource Links to help you find organizations doing the extremely important daily work to support these communities.

Get out the Vote (GOTV) is extremely important in any election year – no matter how big or how small. Candidates need lots of volunteers to knock on doors and spread the word. Even if you are in a “safe” blue district, look for candidates in competitive races and reach out to see how you can help. Sign up with your local Democratic Party (click on the “District and County Parties” tab at the bottom) to start making contact with your community now.

Action = Change

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