Is anyone else having a regular internal monologue that goes something like this?

Wow. Can you believe that crazy/offensive/racist/sexist thing that Trump said? It’s outrageous! Surely this will have consequences. I’m still mad about the one thing he did, and then he goes and says something even more outrageous. I’ll have to let some of these go or else I am going to be on blood pressure medicine for the next four years.

We finally have a politician that’s willing to feed the cable news channels and late-night comedians with more offensive material than they can handle. We used to have to wait months in-between scandals. Now we bounce from offensive comment to outrageous revelation back to offensive comment like some sort of never-ending pinball game. The human mind is just not designed to process this many wanton revelations.

When I Google bad behavior and how to not normalize it, I most often am served with parenting sites about dealing with toddlers, which oddly enough seems appropriate. I’ve done my best to translate the advice I gathered from these sites.

Stay calm and positive

This is self-explanatory, but is also easier said than done. Try going for a walk or talking with a friend to help keep yourself level.

Talk to your child

Call your representative. Email your representative. Speak with your representative in person. Click on the Get Started tab and Who Are My Representatives to learn more.

Encourage truth telling

We all are aware of the sites that spout fake news. So maybe before you post something about Trump’s latest craziness, check your sources? Also, your calls for action will have greater weight if they come from a source that’s generally seen as unbiased.

Teach and reward alternative behavior

You have to be the alternative behavior here, so get out there and make your voice heard and your actions felt. There are many groups in need, just click on the Resources tab to see some options.


While the goal is to not normalize bad behavior, conversely being hyper-attuned to every little thing that Trump does is just going to wear you out. Focus your attention and energy on those things that can be changed, like proposed policies. Example: Trump insults your favorite band for not playing his inauguration – let it go; Trump proposes policy that violates the Constitution – take action.