Every month we tackle an issue in our Toolkits and “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” show. It’s our way of exploring an issue beyond the headlines, memes and soundbites, a chance to really talk about an issue.

In February, we’ve made our job even harder by choosing “Intersectionality”, which isn’t AN issue, but the intersection of many, many issues, perspectives and people. It’s a hard topic and we know it won’t be perfect or make everyone happy. We know there will be a wide variety of responses to posts and discussions based on where each of us is individually in our journey to understand and combat racism in this country. 

Our goal is to try and provide you with as many resources as we can so you can dig deeper and learn more from the point you are at today. We know this is a very personal topic and we just ask the following:

  • Be kind to others as they share their stories and perspectives;
  • Be empathetic and validate others experiences even if they are different from your own;
  • Be willing to learn. The only way we will move forward is by our willingness to challenge our own assumptions and learn from them.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “intersectionality” give this TED Talk by Kimberlé Crenshaw a watch:

Next, tune in on Tuesday, Feb 6 to this month’s “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” show where we will be previewing the NC NAACP’s People’s Agenda and Moral March on Raleigh coming up February 10th with Gerald Givens Jr. Learn more about what the NAACP is trying to accomplish and why it’s important for you to show up emotionally and physically to offer your support.