Amazing things happen when people from different walks of life gather to discuss important issues and brainstorm ways to work towards positive outcomes!  Last week, over 60 people gathered in Wake Forest and found paths from stranger to friend, ideas to action and despair to hope.  

For those of you who couldn’t make it, our goal was to follow the spirit of the Women’s March Action #2.

As best we could, with the crowd and the space, everyone broke into small groups and discussed key issues that were important to them, and then brainstormed ways to take action.  Lots of good information was passed around, and ideas are starting to take hold.  People who had never before gotten involved in politics were committing to learning more about precinct organization, and attend upcoming Voter Education and Registration training seminars.  Other action steps included participating in school board meetings, seeking partnerships with local outreach organizations and doing more to support their needs.

Next steps include organizing town hall meetings with local representatives, staying informed on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the re-districting requirements across NC, and continuing to write and call our representatives to let them know of our support and/or concerns with ongoing legislation.

And for anyone interested in learning how to improve communication skills, especially important as we start to meet with our representatives, talk with our friends who may have different opinions, and navigate in this new world of fake news, fear propaganda and double speak, there is an information session on Molly Barker’s (founder of Girls on the Run) new project, the Red Boot Coalition, in Wake Forest on February 19th at 4pm.  Registration is free but requested!

If you are in the Wake Forest/North Raleigh area and would like to join our next gathering, we will be meeting on Sunday, Feb 19th at 7pm. Details will be posted on our events calendar soon. Hope you can join us!