This month Stronger NC is focusing on Housing Affordability. This is not just a poor person’s problem, nor the working poor, but an issue that affects the working middle class. Average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Raleigh is $1200 per month. Someone earning $45,000 per year is at risk of struggling to afford that type of apartment.

One extreme of housing affordability is homelessness and Stronger NC explored that issue with MaRanda Kiser from Love Wins Community Engagement Center during this month’s installment of “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”.

Love Wins helps fill the need during the day when homeless shelters are closed. It is a gathering place, a meeting place, a place to have a simple conversation. They give the homeless patrons a sense of dignity and belonging and a place to make human connections as the core of homelessness is a relationship problem.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Love Wins, who is vulnerable to becoming homeless and what you can do to help: