Thanks to everyone who joined Stronger NC and Senator Jeff Jackson for “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” discussion on gerrymandering. We appreciate Senator Jackson taking the time to speak with us and share his insight into gerrymandering and what we can do to end it in North Carolina.

If you missed the episode, you can catch it here:


If you’d like to learn more about gerrymandering, what the recent SCOTUS ruling means, and how we can push the NCGA for fair redistricting please consider doing one or more of the below CTAs:

1) Follow Common Cause NC is dedicated to encouraging citizen participation in democracy and they are doing amazing work in the fight against gerrymandering.

2) Play “The Redistricting Game” to get hands on experience in understanding how redistricting is done. And check out Ben & Jerry’s” Inkblot Or Gerrymandered District” quiz to see the absurdity of some of these district drawings.

3) Check out the below blog posts from Amy R. Worley and Aylett Colston. Amy does a great job explaining the recent SCOTUS ruling that the NCGA did violate the United States Constitution when it drew state voting district maps in 2011. Aylett has an amazing post about how North Carolinians can impact redistricting in NC.



Finally, don’t forget to check out our Gerrymandering Toolkit for all the content you could need to discuss gerrymandering with your representatives.