Politics moves fast. Some weeks it feels like you can barely keep up with the blaze of headlines racing across social media news feeds.

Want to slow down for a bit and have the luxury of diving into a single topic? So do we.

Join Stronger NC for a new Facebook Live video series starting on May 2 at 7:30pm, “This is What Democracy Looks Like”.

Each month we’ll host a rotating group of bipartisan panelists from all walks of life – experts to average citizens – to discuss one specific topic. We want to help all of us better understand important topics that are shaping our national discourse, as well as provide resources and calls to action so you can put what you learn into motion.

Topics of Discussion

May 2: Where North Carolina Goes, So Goes the Nation

North Carolina has been at the heart of key political movements from the colonial era through today. It’s important to understand why what happens here is often a precursor to what happens elsewhere in the country. A little bit of history, but a whole lot of modern relevance.

Follow Up Content from May 2 Discussion

Thanks so much for joining us for the very first “This is What Democracy Looks Like” live video event. Here is some content related to the discussion we wanted to share with you. Please give them a read and pass along to others who might be interested.

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America Could Look Like North Carolina by 2020. Yikes.

The Road to National Democratic Revival Goes Through North Carolina

June 6: Welcome to the General Assembly

We’ll take viewers on a tour of the North Carolina General Assembly, explain how the House and Senate work (or sometimes NOT work) and hear first hand what it’s like to work in the North Carolina government from a NC representative.

July 11: Gerrymandering

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, gerrymandering is the single most important issue facing North Carolina politics today. We’ll spend some time discussing how we got here and focus on what we can do to ensure fair redistricting moving forward.

We hope you’ll join us for these sessions. Bring lots of questions and comments – we want this to be a healthy, interactive discussion!