We wrote this month’s toolkit because we believe immigration is a fundamental part of who America is and our identity to the rest of the world. We believe immigration is important to talk about because at it’s core is the idea of sanctuary.

Sanctuary really is central to the formation of the United States, but an inviolate idea common to all people. Hospitals, mosques, temples, churches, synagogues, cemeteries, homeless shelters, schools – all are supposed to be safe places of refuge, and to violate the principles of a nation of immigrants or the sanctity of a sanctuary, is a violation of our own humanity. We’ve seen too many of these violations. ICE raids in a homeless shelter. Swastikas painted on Jewish graves. School shootings. Parents forcefully separated from their children. Sanctuary cities made illegal.

We have the power to make a difference on this important issue as through the strength of our beliefs and actions. We urge you to keep your hearts and minds – and if you feel moved to do so – your homes – open. Be a safe place for each other. Do not succumb to fear and walls. We so desperately need all the sanctuary we can get.