In order to have fair representation in our government, we have to have good data. Data determines how our communities have grown or populations have shifted. Every ten years a national census is undertaken, and this data forms the basis for federal funding provided to each state as well as determining how many representatives states and jurisdictions are due – in Congress but also in local districts.

In addition, census data is used by business leaders and economists to determine where investment and development is warranted. The scope and location of medical centers and schools, and decisions on infrastructure needs are also based on census data. We should all take an active part in ensuring the census count in our communities is accurate and complete, in order to maximize the benefits for all of us.

Individuals and community leaders across NC can take part now, by organizing “Complete Count Committees” to ensure we spread the word and reach every person in the state. Please read and share the information in our Census Toolkit today, and help ensure every person counts!