We originally published this post a few months ago to highlight all of the good bills that were ignored by the NCGOP supermajority during the Short Session this past spring. As we are just a few weeks away from Election Day (November 6, in case you hadn’t heard), we thought it would be a good time to revisit all of the legislation we could expect from a more balanced North Carolina General Assembly.

Let’s not vote just on what we are against, let’s vote on the #NCGoals we have for this great state. 

Original post:

It’s worth highlighting some of the bills sponsored by Democratic lawmakers that would have been important additions this session but have been buried in committee by the General Assembly leadership (for a complete list see this chart and sort it by bill date). Priority instead was given to defining the term “milk”, ensuring the development of cursive writing skills, giving away the property rights of individuals to corporations which pollute and harm, and restricting early voting weekend days.

We need to break the GOP supermajority so we can have a better functioning state government. Democracy thrives under healthy debate and argument. Silencing these bills does the exact opposite.

Plus…an amendment from Rep Joe John, NC40, was struck down:  “Twice last week, I proposed an amendment to require that every 911 dispatcher in North Carolina accept text messages (many do now, just not all). Simply trying to help kids or anyone in danger silently contact law enforcement.” Unfortunately it was not considered germane to the School Safety Act.

And from Rep Graig Meyer, NC50, on Twitter: “House GOP just used a procedural motion to kill two amendments to address the state’s backlog of processing rape kits. Seriously? SMDH.”

Sen Jeff Jackson breaks it down for you here: