Following all of the social media posts in the last 24 hours about hurricane prep, here are the Top 10 best pieces of advice we’ve seen.

Water: Rule of thumb is one gallon of water per day per person, including pets. Plan for at least three days of water supply. In addition to bottled water, don’t forget to fill containers in your house for washing dishes, flushing toilets, etc. If you are able to, also consider buying iodine tablets and filtration systems.

Clothing: Make sure you have easy access to hard hiking boots or steel-toed shoes to use during potential post-hurricane clean up. Jeans, long-sleeved shirts and heavy-duty gloves will protect you from nails, splinters & mosquitoes.

Important Documents: Gather up important documents & put in the bank safe deposit box. Alternatively, scan what you can and save it to the cloud.

Food: Milk and other refrigerated items will go bad. Consider going to REI or other camping goods stores and purchase nonperishable foods, camping stoves and propane refills. Make coffee the night before expected power outage and put in thermos or a Crock-Pot the night before.

Toilet Paper: Enough said.

Clean Up Tools: Remember to get gas/oil for chain saws, axes. Trees are going to come down and your neighbors likely will get them cleared before DoT. Don’t be unsafe, but drag trees out of the road if you can so ambulances and emergency vehicles can get through.

Be A Good Neighbor: Check to see if any of your neighbors have special needs – an oxygen machine for example is a major problem without power. Refill meds, ask if older people need help securing outdoor items.

Pets: Get pieces of sod and put them in a kiddie pool and place it in the garage for a safe place for your pets to potty during the storm.

Batten Down the Hatches: Bring in your garbage and recycling cans. Remove and store your external plastic rain gutters – they’ll fly all over the neighborhood. Scan the neighborhood for anything that could end up as flying debris (wind chimes, yard ornaments, dog poop, feral cats, small children/dogs, yard flags, etc.)

Charge: Fully charge all your technology and put your phones on low power mode. Be mindful of car batteries, but they can work as a charging station in a pinch.