Our North Carolina independent judicial system, once a model of #FairCourts for the nation, with non-partisan elections and public campaign financing, continues to be under attack by the NCGOP who have had their unconstitutional laws overturned time and again over the past few years.

You only need to look at the agenda for the next legislative session in May 2018 to see where their focus will be. Even the NC Courts Commission has asked legislators to back down from judicial redistricting.

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One local citizen also filed a formal complaint this week with the NC State Board of Elections. According to NC Policy Watch, “A Raleigh resident and political activist filed a formal complaint Friday accusing GOP legislative leaders of conspiring to intimidate and interfere with judges considering constitutional challenges to their enacted laws.”

Public Pressure is Key

Email, write and call your state representatives and senators to oppose interference through judicial gerrymandering and judicial appointments by this legislature. Then contact those officials and candidates in your area and ask them their position on supporting an independent judiciary. They can even sign a pledge to support an independent judiciary: http://faircourtsnc.com/pledge/

Finally, as this is an election year, back the candidates in your district who support an independent judiciary. If you’re not sure what districts you reside in you can look them up here: https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/

If you want to know who will be running in your district this year you can check here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/903dec_ae0464b306024bdd803f23be377bf633.pdf

A fair and independent judicial system is critical to maintain the checks and balances of our three co-equal branches of government. It is, in fact, our last defense against the decline of democracy.