A lot has happened with the 2017 North Carolina State Budget in the last few weeks. We’ve got a new toolkit to help you through these last few steps known as reconciliation.

The budget has reached the point where the Governor, the Senate and the House have all proposed and passed their own versions of a budget. It is now in Conference, which means it will be negotiated by a group of Senators and Representatives, i.e. “Conferees”, to determine a final version to submit to Governor Cooper for signature.  

The timeline for this reconciliation process is unknown, but could take 1-3 weeks of debate, depending on how much negotiation is required.

It is important to make your opinion about the budget known early, by calling, e-mailing or writing members of the Conference.

This toolkit will help you:

  • Learn about the differences between the three versions of the budget.
  • Get more details about specific topics that are important to our state.
  • Find out what some of these budget terms really mean so you can more easily discuss the budget with your representatives.