Many of us are at the beginning, whether getting involved in activism for the first time or starting a grassroots group or thinking about running for office. When We Fight, We Win: Twenty-First Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World is a great primer on what issues capture people’s hearts and minds across the spectrum including public education, immigration, mass incarceration, economic power and environmental concerns.

When We Fight, We Win is a good place to start when you have a case of the “what am I gonna do?”s. Short chapters make it an easy pick up book, one chapter and story at the time. An online study and discussion guide makes this a good selection for a group to gather and learn about movements we might not consider but still need to understand and appreciate. One of the things I enjoyed most is the co-authorship of members of AgitArte, artists who are also activists. Creativity is a part of the process and also what helps keep folks grounded as they do the hard day to day work in the trenches. This book may even spur the artist in you to get involved in whatever issues claim you.

A caveat:  When We Fight, We Win is not for folks who are looking for a whole book on a given subject or treatise on activism and organizing in general. But it’s personal style and scope provides a starting line for the long race ahead.

When We Fight, We Win: Twenty-First-Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World

Paperback – January 5, 2016

by Greg Jobin-Leeds (Author), AgitArte (Author)