Crossover Week

The “crossover” deadline is Thursday, April 27. That means this week at the General Assembly will be chaos (yes, more than usual): long days, unscheduled meetings, cancelled meetings, and recesses, while legislators desperately vie to get their bills passed and sent to the other chamber. Non-appropriation or finance bills that do not pass one chamber are dead for the short session. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that an idea in a “dead” bill can’t be added on to a bill that’s already passed a chamber and pushed through that way. Knowing our GA, that’s definitely a huge concern.


After the Rally to Support HB-13 last week (see pics on our public Facebook page) there is optimism NC lawmakers will move to save specials and teaching positions. On Friday, the bill moved from Rules back to the Education Committee in the Senate. The good news there is the bill saw movement for the first time in two months. We are cautiously optimistic.

The Senate’s Education Committee is scheduled to debate HB-13 this evening (Monday, April 24) at their 6pm meeting in LOB Room 544. There are several things you can do today to remind committee members that this bill needs to be reported favorable so it can moved back to the Senate floor for a vote as soon as possible.

1. Write, call and/or tweet to all of the members of the education committee to ask them to approve HB-13 in its current form, without changes. This request is important because if they change or add to the bill it will need to go back to the House for approval of those changes, which will take even more time.

2. If you can, attend the Education Committee meeting tonight at 6pm. There is usually a time for public comment during committee meetings so make sure your voice is heard! Get there early though as you may need to sign up to speak.

3. If you can’t be at the meeting, you can listen here:

Current NCGA Environmental and Education Bills

If you are interested in learning about which education and environmental bills are currently in process at the NCGA, these two spreadsheets provide a great resource. Please note, these are updated as of last week. If we hear about significant movement on any of them, we’ll keep you posted.

If you want a page to bookmark for regular updates you can visit Public Schools First Legislative Updates.