The biggest news story this week is likely to be the continuing saga of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 Election. Want to know what you can do? Check out our “Investigate Russian Ties” toolkit for ideas on background information, letters to the editor and your representatives, and social media content to share.

A few other things we’ll be keeping an eye on include:

Internet Privacy

Now that the House of Representatives have voted to allow internet companies to sell you browser date, what does this mean for you? We have a blog coming that outlines what you need to know about this important data privacy issue.

Environmental Protections

Now that the President has issued an Executive Order rescinding most of the Obama-era environmental protections, concerns about what comes next are rightfully justified. We’ll be sharing some articles this week to remind us why these protections are so important. Wall-of-Us is highlighting how local cities and mayors are bypassing what is happening on the national scene and trying to impact change locally. Check out their calls to action and reach out to your local mayor to see what they are doing about climate change. 

Gorsuch SCOTUS Nomination

Hold on to your hats. It’s likely to be a wild ride this week in the Senate. Democrats are now planning to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination and the Republicans are fully prepared to unlock the “nuclear option” to pass his nomination without the 60 votes currently required. Make calls to Senators Burr and Tillis to ask then not to support a nuclear option as it further deteriorates the spirit of the Senate and will make an already bad situation worse. 

Gerrymandering, Gerrymandering, Gerrymandering

Why do we keep talking about this? If last week’s battle over HB2 proved anything, no real progressive progress will be made in North Carolina until fair redistricting maps are put in place. Last week’s “compromise” was borne out of the inability to get meaningful legislation passed for civil rights of LGBTQ North Carolinians because of the current, illegal gerrymandered districts.

SCOTUS is currently waiting to review cases that impact North Carolina on this issue, but local progress is also being made. A bill has been filed in the NC Senate for a Legislative Study Commission on “Fair Redistricting” to develop a fair process and non-partisan criteria for drawing voting maps. Call your NC senator and ask them to support this bill.

In addition, 1A (a news-radio talk show that plays on public radio stations) is doing a show on Monday (April 3) about GERRYMANDERING. They are looking for folks from around the country to call in and share information on how gerrymandering has affected their lives / their communities / their states. You can call in and leave a voicemail message or you can record a voice memo and email it to them. Here’s how to get in touch with them: