Wait a second. Haven’t we been thinking about healthcare for the last 6+ months?

Yes, of course we have, but here at Stronger NC we’ve decided to take activism under our control. What does that mean? While there will be plenty of crazy shenanigans from the White House and NCGA to react to, we want to take some time and focus each month on key issues we believe are important to all North Carolinians.  Democracy only works when voters are informed and empowered, so in order for that to happen we hope to provide the information you need.

Starting this month, we will be diving deep into the topic of healthcare. You’ll see calls to action each week and a toolkit explaining different aspects of the issue. Our monthly “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” video series will ask the questions we all want answers to from experts across the state. Look for our live interview with NC Child, to air on August 8th at 7:30pm. We’ll also share videos and books we think you might enjoy as well. We know many of you like to give back, so we’ll be spotlighting local organizations that are making a difference in North Carolina’s healthcare, building Stronger Communities.

With our mission to make civic engagement easier, we’ll provide you with as many of the tools as we can so when the healthcare debate flares up on the national stage again, you will have had some time to digest A LOT of information. This should give you a chance to develop more nuanced and educated responses as you make your calls, send your emails and talk to your friends and family.

For this week, we’ve seen a couple of interesting ideas coming out of the fallout from the Trumpcare failure last week. We highly recommend you give these a look:

  1. Accountability on TrumpCare. 49 senators voted last week to take away health care from millions of Americans, and 51 voted to protect it. They need some direct feedback from you. Here are sample call scripts for your senators. Plus, if you get a chance to talk to your representative during the August Recess, make sure they know you expect them to reject any Senate version of TrumpCare using Indivisible’s August recess town hall questions.
  2. These 3 senators voted for TrumpCare, so help Indivisible end their careers. Check out Indivisible’s new IndivisiBlog from Political Director María Urbina outlining their new political program, and help defeat Senators Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, and Ted Cruz. These 3 all voted in favor of TrumpCare and are up for re-election in 2018, in competitive districts. If you can, help Indivisible build up its new state campaigns.
  3. Affordable Care Act Attack Tracker. This tool from Families USA is tracking all of the ways the White House administration is trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. There are a couple of ways you can use this tracker. One, you can simply read through it to stay informed. You can also use each of the issues highlighted as part of your dialog with your representatives when you make your daily or weekly phone calls. The reason these attacks can succeed is because the media is focusing on a different aspect of the story. Staying focused on the details makes it harder for Congress to dismantle Obamacare.

And if you are looking for something a little closer to home to focus on, give this factsheet from NC Justice Center a read. It’s a couple of years old, but the information about the Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina and what we have lost by not expanding is still relevant.