Most of our book posts will contain a short review of the book to highlight information most interesting to a new – or seasoned – activist. Sometimes, though, we stumble upon a great list already gathered for us.

The Mighty Girl website “collected fifty books for both children and teens that explore the ways in which our differences shape our views of the world, affect how we interact with one another, and influence our future — and how those differences are strengths to be celebrated. As well, many of these titles show kids how to stand up for their peers and others when they see discrimination happening right in front of them. By sharing books like these, kids will learn the most important lesson of living in a diverse world: by standing together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”

As parents, these are important conversations to have with our children. We highly recommend you give these books a read.

Standing Together: 50 Mighty Girl Books Celebrating Diversity and Acceptance

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