If you have school aged children, or are a teacher, chances are these supplies are on your shopping list this month:

· Tissues · Scotch tape · Clorox wipes
· Pencils · Loose leaf paper · Hand sanitizer
· Dry erase markers · Glue sticks · Printer paper
· Colored pencils · Index cards · Staplers/staples
· Scissors · Pencil sharpeners · Paper clips
· Highlighters · Red Grading Pens · Spiral Notebooks
· Composition Notebooks

The dreaded school shopping lists are starting to appear on school websites across the state. Parents will be spending hundreds of dollars stocking classrooms with cleaning supplies, copy paper, hand sanitizer and more. This will not last the entire year either, as replenishments are often requested. Since the Education Lottery was pick-pocketed to cover other expenses during the recession, and is now a replacement for funding instead of an added supplement, our public education tax dollars are being stretched further than Garry Turner’s stomach skin.

So as you do your school shopping, or stand in lines ten deep at Wal-Mart or Staples, remember that Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore refused to consider Gov. Cooper’s proposal for a stipend in the NC Budget for classroom supplies for each teacher, in order to provide an average tax cut for middle class families of just a few hundred dollars per year.

Show your thanks to the NC GOP by sending them a copy of your school supplies receipts, with a total amount spent, and let them know exactly where your new tax cut is going. The re-investment in Wal-Mart, Staples or Target will surely go a long way towards improving the economy and public education in North Carolina.

Send your receipts to:

Sen. Phil Berger
N.C. Senate
16 W Jones Street, Room 2007
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808
(919) 733-5708

Rep. Tim Moore
N.C. House of Representatives
16 W Jones Street, Room 2304
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

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